:: Be intellectually honest.

:: Think a lot.

:: Publish all of your data.

:: Read.

:: Let the best idea win.

My name is Robert, and I truly care about science.

... and why are you here?

Robert Giessmann was born on 23.08.1990, grew up in Berlin, and did his Abitur at the Ev. Schule Frohnau. Subsequently he studied Chemistry at the University of Rostock and the Philipps-University Marburg. He enjoyed stays abroad in Vienna and Helsinki, and pursued his Ph.D. in the lab of Prof. Peter Neubauer.

His first job was with Bayer on the topic of "FAIR data". There, he is in charge of the private-public partnership "FAIRplus", funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

Scientifically, I am fascinated by Life itself. I find it really interesting to dig into metabolism, and the myriad of enzyme-catalyzed reactions that keep our body running.

Very concrete: I try to complete the picture of equilibrium constants of relevant enzyme-catalyzed reactions. The (apparent) equilibrium constants tell you which side of a chemical reaction is favored by the laws of nature. Relevant is of course a matter of discussion — I personally started with the very pragmatic definition "it's on the Biochemical Pathways wall chart".

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